NZ is looking for highly skilled people that would like to work and reside in the country. The strong economy has led to skill shortages in many sectors and this presents an excellent opportunity for the suitable candidate to be well paid in New Zealand.


To work in New Zealand, you must hold a valid NZ work visa. Penalties are strong for anyone caught working illegally in New Zealand.

There are several categories of work visas some of which can function as a gateway to residency in New Zealand.


You can apply for a skilled migrant visa if your skills and situation match that of specific skill shortages without the need for promised employment. In this case, you can seek employment once within NZ.  In lesser demanded skill, you will require an employer to sponsor your work visas. You can also gain work visas through partnership status which includes various degrees of criteria depending on the relationship in question.


Employment based visas have as a requirement to be employed or in some cases have an employment offer. Those visas are visas such as Essential skills, Specific Purpose or Event, Primary Sector Trainers, Free trade agreement special work and the work to Residence Stream Accredited Employer, Arts (talented workers) and Long Term Skill Shortage List. Other range of Work visas are based on qualifications obtained in the country such as the Open Post-study work visa and the employer assisted Post-study work visa. Humanitarian/International Stream which includes Refugees and Protected person is another category that is applicable.


Visa Permissions:

This visa will grant its holder the right to work in New Zealand for a certain period of time.


Visa Duration:

The duration of the NZ work visa will depend on the type of the work visa and its specifications. Generally, a work visa will have the maximum duration of 3 years. Although, it will depend on the type of visa and exceptions. For example, a Work visa under Essential Skills allows the holder to stay for 1-5 years depending on the circumstances which may include how skilled is the employment, labour market, salary and location.

On the family stream, Partner of a holder of a Work visa and Partner of a New Zealander citizen or resident can be granted a Work visa for up to 2 years. Partners of holders of a Student visa, studying on level 7 or higher on a course which is the Long Term Skill Shortage will be granted a work visa for the same length as the partner’s student visa.

On the other hand, holders of Work to residence visa may be able to apply for residency after holding the work visa for 2-3 years or straight away in case of the Skilled Migrants category being able to live permanently in New Zealand.


Costs, Fees & Timings.

Application Times: Approximately 1 month.

Our Service Fee: Between $1,500 and $4,000

Visa Application Fees: Fees payable to NZ Immigration vary according to specific visa type. Typically, fees will be in the range of NZD$100 to NZD$300.