New Zealand is currently experiencing a significant skills shortage in several sectors of the economy. The construction and technology sectors are two very good examples of this. As an employee, if you are experiencing difficulties filling your current positions we can assist you with recruiting from overseas and placing a suitable worker from work forces outside New Zealand.


Depending on the exact nature of the role you are seeking to fill you and your prospective employer will need to meet criteria that match that roles listing in the short term, long term, or Canterbury skill shortages lists. Head Start Visas can assist you in all aspects of New Zealand work Visa for your candidate which if executed correctly can bring great benefits to your business in the form of talent and potential salary savings.


Many countries that are well positioned to supply labour to New Zealand such as the UK, Australia, India, Philippines and others are currently in a less favourable economic position than NZ. This creates the ideal situation to attract such talented workers to our shores and offer them a brighter future and your business an achievable and cost effective workforce.


In addition to supplying Work Visas services to your business, we can also assist through our network of recruitment partners with talent acquisition and upon arrival logistics such as accommodation.