New Zealand is an English-speaking country with a high level of education. The green and safe lifestyle of the country attracts international students spread across the sectors of language schools, primary schools, secondary schools and university.

If you are interested in studying in New Zealand for more than 3 months in one calendar year you will need to apply for a student visa in NZ.


Visa Permissions.

As well as the right to remain in NZ for the duration of your studies, depending on what type of course is taken the student visa may give the right to work up to 20 hours a week while studying and full-time during the holiday period.

A student visa may be a pathway to other types of visa such as;

-Post-study work visas

-Employer Assisted visas with duration from 2-3 years.

-Skilled Migrant Category which leads towards residency.

Typically, international students are viewed by Immigration NZ as potential skilled migrants to fulfil the country’s necessity for young and highly qualified workers.This is one of the main reasons that New Zealand Student Visa Requirements are typically easy to meet through a well-structured visa application.


Visa Duration:

The duration of your visa is generally the same length as your course of study. You must leave New Zealand before the expiry of your visa or apply for a new visa or an extension of your existing visa before of its expiry date.


Costs, Fees & Timings.

Application Times: Student visas are generally processed in 20-25 working days.

Our Service Fee: NZD$450

Visa Application Fees: Fees payable to NZ Immigration vary according to specific visa type. Typically, fees will be in the range of NZD$100 to NZD$300.