NZ offers a very high standard of living to its residents and is actively attracting suitable foreigners to live and work in NZ. There are several pathways to obtaining a NZ resident visa that are summarized below.  


Relationship with a New Zealand Resident.

Foreigners looking for emigrating to NZ may apply for NZ residency based on their being in a stable relationship with a NZ resident. This relationship may be that of a marriage or romantic partnership.  



Working within NZ for a duration of time.

Certain work visas can also serve as a pathway to NZ residency after a specific duration of employment within NZ. 

See work visas for more information or contact us directly.


Investments within NZ

Investors who have met the monetary and time requirements of their investment visa can then use their investment as a pathway to residency.

See Investment Visas for more information or contact us directly.


Refugee Status

Individuals can apply for NZ residency through Refugee status.



Visa Permissions:

This visa will grant its holder the right to reside in New Zealand.


Visa Duration:



Costs, Fees & Timings.

Application Times: Timings vary significantly based on the application situation. Please contact us to discuss your situation.

Our Service Fee: Between $2,000 and $5,000

Visa Application Fees: Fees payable to NZ Immigration vary according to specific visa type. Typically, fees will be in the range of NZD$100 to NZD$300.