Apply for an investment Visa in NZ to benefit from the strong NZ economy!

The NZ economy is extremely strong and with a fast-growing population, it presents an excellent investment opportunity. Foreign investors who can commit investment funds and time in NZ can obtain an investment visas and reside in NZ in order to operate their investment vehicle. After they have met the duration and financial requirements the investment visa can serve as a pathway into a residency visa.

New Zealand Investment visas fall into two categories.


NZD$ 10 Million.



NZD$ 3 Million.




Visa Permissions:

This visa will grant its holder the right to carry out business (as agreed in the visa) and reside in NZ during the agreed period.


Visa Duration:



Costs, Fees & Timings.

Application Times: Timings vary significantly based on the application situation. Please contact us to discuss your situation.

Our Service Fee: Between $5,000 and $10,000

Visa Application Fees: Fees payable to NZ Immigration vary according to specific visa type. Typically, fees will be in the range of NZD$100 to NZD$300.