When an essential skills worker is granted a low skill visa it has a few more implications than other skill level workers. Some of those implications are the duration of the visa which vary between 1-3 years, with maximum duration of 3 years. Also the stand-down period of 12months where the visa holder cannot apply for the same skill level visa inside the country and needs to leave the country and wait 12 months to apply for the same skill level visa. However, there is not a prohibition of applying for a visa of another skill level when inside the country. It means if there is an opportunity the low skill worker can be applying for a mid-skill work or higher while inside the country and no stand-down period would apply. In my opinion it is a good chance for single workers to come to New Zealand and experience working and living here for a short period of time. The down side is for low skills who have family, for those there is no right to sponsor the family for any type of visa.