Sharing expertise: NZ Work Visas and Eligibility for family visa

In many of my consults for a work visa under essential skills at I have been asked by my clients if they are granted a work visa they can sponsor their family.

The criteria depends on the skill level of your occupation which is rated at the Australia and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO) and on the salary you as a candidate have been offered. The skills level vary from 1-5 at the ANZSCO, and the skills are classified as high-skill, mid-skill and low skill. Workers who’s occupation are classified as high or mid skills level by occupation and salary band are considered able to support their families. The complication is when the (candidate) worker’s occupation is on the list of skills in demand and classified as per skill level of being for example of mid skill, but the salary offered is below the mark (salary threshold ) stipulated by INZ for the worker to be considered as mid skills. To be classified as mid skill the candidate hourly rate should be $21.50 or above it. In this case where the candidate does satisfy the skill level but not the salary range the work is considered low skill which does not allow the candidate to sponsor the family and may also result in a shorter work visa duration.