Considering studying, working or investing in New Zealand. Investing in NZ may be a two stage proces

New Zealand (NZ) offers suitable individuals an excellent opportunity to create a high quality of life within its shores. As NZ is currently experiencing an economic prosperity and is attracting immigration to help fuel its economy now is the ideal time to consider immigrating to NZ.

As NZ immigration advisors we see the visa applications gaining success frequently. However it is essential to submit a properly formulated and relevant visa to your circumstances and one that meets the Immigration New Zealand (INZ) requirements and also their objectives. Many individuals contact us looking to establish a small business within New Zealand and use a category of investment visa known as the Entrepreneur visa. Often these would be investors have limited knowledge of the NZ business landscape and will struggle to argue a good case for an Entrepreneur visa to INZ. The main factors to be considered in this NZ visa category are:

-Applicant and relevant work experience in relation to the nature of business they intend to purchase or establish.

-Size of the financial investment they will make in the business

-Number of employees that the business can sustain.

-Special interests of the business such as innovation, export volumes etc.

-Location of the business if outside Auckland.

Additionally this visa carries performance metrics that must be met in alignment with the business plan submitted. As such this is in no way the simplest pathway for a would be investor in a small business within the NA economy.

An alternate pathway we discuss with those seeking NZ immigration advice is to consider a student visa for 1 of the partners in post graduate studies. If this meets certain criteria (based on category and level of study) that partner can sponsor the other partner who will be granted a work visa. Also children can be sponsored.

This then affords a would be investor the opportunity to work in and/or investigate in depth the business environment within NZ before investing in the NZ economy. A big risk we see is that of a foreigner purchasing a business in an economy and culture that they do not have a sound understanding of. Not only does this pose a financial risk to their investment but it also makes arguing their likelihood of success as an entrepreneur in NZ that much harder.

If you are seeking NZ immigration advice about an NZ investment visa or NZ work visa please contact us at Head Start Visas NZ. As a INZ licenced immigration advisor we can discuss your objectives and advice you accordingly.



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