Are you a Construction Engineer seeking a life in New Zealand.

NZ Work Opportunity – Case Analysis

Engineers are on the long-term skill shortage list in New Zealand meaning that not only are they eligible for work visas for foreigners but those granted the work visa are also potentially eligible for residency visas. This opportunity extends visas to the family members of the applicant.

Engineers in the construction sector are proving in great demand here and companies requiring them are under great pressure. It is a very common role for NZ businesses to have to recruit foreigners to fill these positions. Below are 3 actual jobs currently in the market. has over 300 jobs seeking Engineers in the construction sector at this moment.

If you are considering a move to New Zealand and feel you may have the skills that are currently being sought from foreigners through the skills shortage then New Zealand is a very real possibility for your future. Head Start Visas can assist you with all aspects of your New Zealand work visa application.